Hide your eyes with a freckled palm,
as bleached sun floods the open blinds.
Tired eyes and an a ivory calm,
the mulberry trees are thriving now.
My perfume leaves a rosewood trace,
in pearly threads of needled lace.
Sip nutmeg-scented coffee grounds,
it's only Sunday morning.


  1. well thank you very much.
    i will keep writing.

    once i find something clever to write about... hm

  2. Which is more a treat, your photos or writing? They balance each other, like crunchy celery and creamy peanut butter. Good apart, but so delicious together.

  3. Madison I know you don't know me but your words are touching. I love reading your blog. you are simply darling.

    p.s. I'm friends with Macy and Callie Chapman, such sweet spirits.

  4. i feel as though you say what i am not able to. it is most appreciated, i thank yo sincerely

  5. I feel like I don't know what you are talking about. But you use big words, so I like that.

  6. Ah, the imagery is delicious and the style captivating. Love your blog and thank you for visiting mine.

  7. wonderful ma'm. reading your posts i have a feeling i look at life the same way you do!!!thanx for dropping by!!!tc

  8. The photo, the poem, it was all a beautiful combination. I really enjoyed this one.

  9. beautiful piece - "sip-nutmeg scented coffee grounds"....lovely images here...bkm